The Polarity Grid is a kind of map and, like any map, it has its grid lines to help us find out where we are. It can be used as an instrument for assessing the relative state or condition of a person, a small group or large population, or even a formal organisation such as a company. The Polarity Grid is also a map of human consciousness and it can help us to understand how and why our world works in the way it does. We can find ourselves in the Grid. We can change where we are in the Grid. We can even move beyond the Grid.

The Grid takes its basic two-dimensional form from the representation of our human perceptual bias towards Duality and the interplay of polarity and power. We can show the relationship between Polarity and Power by drawing a vertical Y axis to show positive and negative polarity and a horizontal X axis to represent power.


The plus and minus signs indicate that on the vertical axis, as we move above the midpoint positivity increases, and as we move below the midpoint, negativity increases. The horizontal axis shows that as we move to the right power increases; as we move to the left, power decreases. Another way of saying this is that weakness increases as we move to the left of the neutral point. With this particular meaning in mind we find that this simple structure allows us to explore and clarify fundamental characteristics of human consciousness and behaviour. 

Simplifying the map and giving it a border gives the Basic Form of the Polarity Grid, with each Quadrant having a particular combination of polarity and power – rather like a house with two (positive) rooms upstairs and two (negative) rooms downstairs.


We can use the grid to find out where we are with respect to polarity and power in our personal life, in our career, and also for family groups or teams and organisations of which we are part. We find our location in the Grid by asking questions such as ‘Where am I?’ and ‘Where do I want to be?’



Go to Where am I in the Polarity Grid?’  and complete a ‘Personal Polarity Assessment’ .



“The Polarity Grid is a map of human consciousness.”

We animate the Grid with our own story, with people and events,

successes and failures.


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