The Change Cycle is the process at the heart of the Delphi Project. Following this sequence helps us to emerge from our existing location in the Polarity Grid and relocate elsewhere in the Grid through a change in polarity and power.

  The Change Cycle shows a circular process with the final completion

 of the movement returning to the start point which is Consciousness.


The sequence of change is from the inner to the outer. An inner movement in consciousness creates a change in the condition of an individual. That change in condition enables the person to act in a particular context to transform life through the modification of the chemistry of events. The sustained conscious transformation of the chemistry of our relations with others transforms the culture of our organisations from within, thereby, in turn, transforming the climate’ of the planet. Such a transformation from within is conscious growth.


The Change Cycle begins and ends with consciousness. Our persistent efforts to apply this change process in our lives connect us with The Growth Spiral.



“The world is as it is because we are as we are.”

“To change the world, change yourself. Change totally and the world will follow.”


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